Green Feature: SF rainwater harvesting system


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

The rainny season is coming. Do you want to install a rainwater harvesting system in your garden? San Franciscio Public Utilities Commission kicks off it’s Discounted Rain Barrel and Cistern Program – the fourth year in a row.

Jeff Parker, a homeowner in San Francisco, installed two of 200 gallons cisterns at his Noe Valley home garden. He says if there’s one inch of rain, it could fill his two cisterns with enough rainwater.”The pipe carries water down from my roof, and goes into the first flush diverter, and flushes away the dirty water. And then a valve flows up and captures the dirty water, and let the only clean water comes into the tank,” Parker says.

The rainwater also can be reused wisely. Parker says, “let’s say the water gets turned off during the earthquake. You can boil it and use it for drinkable water or you can use it for flushing your toilets.”

Sarah Minick for SFPUC says, “Rainwater Harvesting keeps rainwater out of San Francisco combining sewer system which is really important for providing more capacity and protecting our infrastructure, and also offsets the use of portable water.”

The SFPUC’s Discounted Rain Barrel and Cistern Program provides discounts of 30-60% off 60-gallon rain barrels and up to $640 off cisterns. Minick says, “we’re hoping that they will buy multiple barrels and connect them together so that they can create more storage for all of rainwater that they’re gathering.”

Get your discount at The Urban Farmer Store, 2833 Vicente Street at 40th Avenue in San Francisco. The store’s phone number is 415-661-2204.

You may also learn more at or call the SFPUC at 415-554-0715 to ask for Chinese speaking staff to answer your question.

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