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(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

San Francisco has received the distinction as the “greenest” city in North America in the first North American Green Cities Index. San Francisco was ranked ahead of New York, Seattle, Denver and Boston as the top five “greenest” U.S. cities. The research study compares 27 major U.S. and Canadian cities on environmental performance and policies across nine categories – CO2 emissions, energy, land use, buildings, transport, water, waste, air quality and environmental governance.

San Francisco’s strongest area is waste. According to Melanie Nutter, Director of San Francisco Department of Environment, “We right now divert about 77% our waste from landfill. That means 77% of our waste either recycled composted or reused.”

One of the City’s resident says, “Composting is found definitely at all the city buildings, all the municipal buildings and the residential areas.” She also says, “Especially in the civic center, we know they have all electric cars in the garage down below. They have a ton of electric cars there they are using for the city use.”

The city also claimed second place in buildings, transport and air, bolstered by strong green building and energy efficiency building standards. Nutter says, “We’re working very aggressively on energy efficiency programs as well on renewable energy programs to ensure we can bring down the energy use in buildings while helping businesses and residences save money on their energy bill.”

The other green programs that the City is running include GoSolarSF, Solar@Work, to install more EV charging stations at the City’s property parking lots, graywater program and etc.

The resident is also supportive to the City’s green policies and says, “They have been making efforts to do more bypass and to help with parking and use of cars, using public transportation instead. I think is great. I think we should be doing more stuff, so I would support of it.”

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