Green Feature: Laundry to Landscape Pilot Graywater Program


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

According to Amanda Dougherty, spokeswoman from Water Conservation of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, “graywater is water that comes from your clothes washer, your showers or your bathroom faucets. It’s water that already gone through the system for use, and reuse at other places.” To encourage residents using graywater, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is promoting a Laundry-to-Landscape Pilot Program for outdoor irrigation.

To use graywater can help reduce potable water use and protect the sewer system, according to Amanda Dougherty. Judy DeMocker who is a homeowner in San Francisco finished her graywater system in May 2011 after taking a free workshop. “It’s fun to watch the whole back yard of all. We’re still not using more water this because we’re reusing the water here. It’s kind of like a present in the way, free water.” DeMocker Says.

Interested participants must meet the following initial requirement:
1. Have a working washing machine onsite
2. Have a yard that is level or down-slooping from the location of the clothes washer
3. Own a one- or two-unit home in San Francisco; renters of one- or two-unit homes in San Francisco may participate with property owner approval.

The SFPUC next laundry-to-landscape workshop will be Thursday, September 1st at 7pm at the Urban Farmer Store located at 2833 Vicente Street (cross street 40th Ave). To attend the workshop, participants must first submit their application for the program, which can be found at The SFPUC also has Chinese speaking staff at the line 415-551-4730 to answer questions.

People who live in other Bay Area Cities may contact your water district for Graywater information.

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