Green Feature: California Youth Energy Services


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

This summer, the City of San Mateo has partnered with Rising Sun Energy Center, a local environmental nonprofit whose mission is to create a society that uses energy and water equitably. Over the past decade, the program, California Youth Energy Services, has trained more than 800 youth (ages 15 to 22) as Energy Specialists and has saved Bay Area residents more than $10 million in energy bills by making home visits. For just seven weeks this summer, Energy Specialists provided an in-home assessment of energy and water usage, installation of energy and water-saving equipment (e.g. CFL’s, sink aerators, showerheads), and personalized recommendations on further savings. One of the Energy Specialists Jacqueline Wang says “The program has many benefits, for example, to help change CFL bulbs, to tell people how to save energy bills, and also to provide us a summer job.”

Students who are interested in the program can visit their website or call 510-665-1501 for more information.

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