Green algae inundates shangdong province


A large amount of green algae has recently landed on beaches in eastern China’s Shandong Province, leading the local government to dispatch more personnel and vehicles to participate in the cleanup work.

As more personnel work on removing the algae, the sea has become much clearer at Shilaoren beach in contrast to several days ago. However, there still is much green algae in the water, making the sea look more like a grassland.

“I was going to take a dip in the sea. But what’s going on here stopped me. Now I no longer dare to swim here because I think the water is very dirty,” one tourist said.

However, some tourists did not care about the environmental problem and swam in the algae covered sea.

According to the local environmental department, green algae has increased in some parts of the coast.

“A couple of days ago, we removed two to three million kilograms of green algae each day. Now we remove four to five million kilograms each day. So far, Shinan District has dispatched over 2,300 people and 590 vehicles, removing 19.6 million kilograms of green algae,” said Guan Jian, chief of the environment and sanitation office of the Urban Administration Bureau of Shinan District in Qingdao.

The green algae has invaded Qingdao for the past seven years as the temperature of the seawater has reached between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius.

“The green algae normally comes and stays here for a month. This year we discovered it on June 13. I think it will continue until mid-July,” said Han Peijin, administrator of the No. 6 beach in Qingdao.

The green algae has spread along the coast of the Yellow Sea from Lianyungang in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province to the Jiaodong Peninsula.

In order to clear the area as soon as possible, more personnel from coastal villages and large machinery have worked on removing the green algae.

The green algae will be dried, shredded and be used later as fertilizer and forage.
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