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Great Family:Heart Disease Prevention and CPR Demonstration

Heart disease has always been one of the leading causes of death in the Chinese community. The reason for why it is so terrifying is because it could be happening without any symptoms, which means people in a good health condition will still have a chance to suffer from heart disease. Since this usually happens in a sudden and unexpected situation, we should be all aware of how to do CPR when someone is having a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Remember – you can probably save someone’s life by doing this correctly.

That’s right. In this month’s episode of Great Family, we will talk about Heart Disease Prevention and CPR. Our first guest is Dr. Collin Quock, who is a Heart Disease doctor with more than 35 years of experience; he will be sharing some medical facts about Heart Disease and how to prevent from having it from the medical stand point. In the second segment of the show, KTSF Weekend Cantonese News Anchor/Report Hellas Leung will share her personal story of being a heart disease patient. And finally, we will have Sebastian Wong, Harrison Kong and Christina Lardie from the San Francisco Fire Department Paramedic Division to talk about why it is so important to learn CPR, and they’ll also conduct a CPR demonstration to give you an idea of what to do when emergency happens.

Whenever there’s an emergency, you should call 911 immediately by using your landline, if possible. But if you’re in San Francisco and using your cell phone, you should call the San Francisco Fire Department Paramedic Division by dialing 415-553-8090.

Same as the residents in the other cities, they should consider contacting their local Paramedic Division when there’s an emergency situation. Because if you’re on the road and calling 911 from your cell phone, there’s a higher chance that your call will directly connect with the California Highway Patrol office, which can be wasting your time by transferring your calls to the right department.

If you would like to receive more information about Heart Disease, please contact American Heart Association by calling 510-903-4037.

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