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Great Family:Health Insurance

Many people may already realize that their insurance premium for 2015 has increased a lot. Do you know what’s the real cause on this increase? Since Proposition 45 had just failed in the November election, what does this have to do with the health insurance hike? As a consumer, what can we do to prevent being victimized on insurance fraud? In this episode of Great Family, we’re so happy to have the Commissioner of California Department of Insurance, Dave Jones and Bay Area Health Insurance Expert, Robert Ju to be on the show and talk about several issues of Health Insurance. By the end of the episode, you will be able to learn how to make wise decisions in choosing the right health insurance for you and your family.

Here is the tip provided by Commissioner Jones:

“When you’re buying health insurance, make sure to shop around and compare the rates. Check and see if you qualify in getting any tax credits or subsidy of insurance premium. Make sure that the agent or broker that you are working with is licensed in selling insurance in California. If you would like to report any suspicious Insurance fraud to California Department of Insurance, please call 1-800-927-4357.”

Here is the tip provided by Robert:

“If you have any issues with your current health insurance, you can still change it between 1/1/2015 – 2/14/2015 (For senior plans with Medicare only). For Covered California, the deadline for open enrollment is 2/15/2015. If you want your insurance to be effective starting 1/1/2015, then please make sure that you file your application before 12/15/2014.”

If you would like to learn more about this topic, you can contact Robert by calling 1-888-855-4061 or California Department of Insurance at 1-800-927-4357.”

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