Great Family:How to bulid healthy eating habits

Great Family: Wise ways to eat, shop, drink and cook healthier
Did you know that two thirds of the United States’ population is affected by obesity? In fact, 1 in 4 children in the United States are considered overweight or obese. Obesity has become a serious problem in our society. Many chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are associated with bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Besides helping to keep your weight in a healthy range, having healthy eating habits may also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. This month on Great Family, we are happy to have Nutritionist, Catherine Wong R.D., from Chinatown Public Health Center share with us about how healthy eating habits can bring us good health and happiness.

Here are some tips on healthy eating habits from nutritionist, Catherine Wong, R.D.:
Eat Healthy: Adopt the habit of eating balanced meals. A healthy plate should consist of one half of fruits and vegetables, one quarter of protein, meat or fish, one quarter of grains, such as brown rice, and a cup of milk product.
Shop Healthy: Learn to read food labels, especially pay attention to values of Serving Size and Serving Per Container on packaged items. Be a smart consumer; choose foods with low fat, low sugar, and low sodium.
Drink Healthy: Drink more water and drink less sugary beverages. You can create your own fruit-flavored water such as using oranges, strawberries. Not only is this healthy, but tastes great as well.
Cook Healthy: When cooking, use healthy kitchen tools such as an oil separator or nonstick pan to prepare your food. Use healthy ingredients and healthy cooking methods. For example, use less fatty meats, and try to avoid frying your foods.

If you would like copies of nutrition brochures or sign up for upcoming nutrition workshop, please call Chinatown Public Health Center Nutrition Services at 415-364-7915.

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