Great Family October 2013

Great Family: Covered California
As part of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, starting in January 2014, everyone in California will be required to have medical insurance. There will be penalties for people who choose not to get health insurance. Whether you are currently under medical coverage or don’t have any insurance, now is the right time to find out what options are available to you and your family. This month on Great Family, we’re so happy to have Dr. Angela Sun, Executive Director of Chinese Community Health Resource Center, to talk about Covered California, which is a new marketplace where people can find financial assistance to make health care coverage more affordable. The new marketplace can be accessed online, over the phone, or in person and will allow people to find the right health insurance plan for their needs based on their income and medical preferences.

According to Dr. Angela Sun, Covered California is not only for low-income residents. If you are an individual with annual income less than $45,960 or a family of four with annual income less than $94,200, you may be eligible for premium assistance. So no matter what your current income level is, you should take the time to learn more about Covered California and see if you’re eligible to receive assistance from this program.

Here’s a tip from Dr. Angela Sun:
“Don’t wait until the last minute. Go to the enrollment site to apply for Covered California as soon as possible. It’s very important for you and your family.”

Having health insurance is not only a responsibility; it is also a way to make sure that your family stays healthy and happy. Chinese Community Health Resource Center will provide staff to help you to fill out all the application forms and other related paperwork. Please call 415-603-2900 or visit www.cchrchealth.org for more information.

Covered California Enrollment Site

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