Great Family July 14

Great Family:Stress Management

It’s no doubt that everyone has to deal with some type of stress in their lives. For those people who can manage their stress well, they can use this as a way to positively push themselves; on the other hand, if people manage their stress poorly, there can be a higher chance that their mood and health can be affected in a very negative way. Worst case scenario, poor stress management can also become a mood disorder. That’s why learning how to manage stress is so important. For example, some parents may find it difficult to take quality time out from their busy schedule to spend with their kids, or to communicate effectively with their teenage kids. These can be stressful situations that parents are facing now. In this episode of Great Family, we’re so happy to have Dr. Angela Sun, Executive Director of Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC) and President/CEO and Founder of Asian Alliance for Health, and Dr. Diana Wong, Psychologist from Chinatown Child Development Center to talk to us about stress management for parents.

Here are some tips provided by our two guests:

Dr. Angela Sun: Talking to a Psychologist or Counselor is very normal in today’s world. It can help us look at the problem from different angles.

Dr. Diana Wong: If you, your child or your family is struggling with feelings of being overwhelmed or anxiety, please do not hesitate to get help. This is not an admission of failure. It’s very important that you get help right away, and you can find additional information on stress management at

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