Grandfather dies while rescuing grandson


A senior man lost his life after holding for a whole night his grandson who had fallen into a narrow gap in central China’s Henan Province Tuesday.

The one-and-a-half-year-old boy slipped into the gap between a well and the surrounding ground Monday afternoon in Xincai County, Zhumadian City. The grandfather tried to catch the boy without delay, but also fell into the gap with his hands holding the boy’s arms firmly and his feet clutching to the top of the well.

It was on Tuesday morning when a passerby saw them and called the police.

Firefighters arrived at the scene and found the gap was over 30 meters deep and only 10 centimeters wide. They tried to pull the child up by ropes but in vain.

After a careful examination, firefighters decided to dig a pit with an excavator one meters away from the gap. Then rescuers went down to the bottom of the pit and reached the boy after digging a hole on the side near the gap.

Meanwhile, some other firefighters pulled the fallen boy with a rope tied to his arms to prevent him from further falling.

Within two hours, the child was pulled out and sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, his grandfather died from excessive bleeding.

The kid is now in stable condition, the doctor said.
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