Governor says teacher ended NM school shooting


New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez say a 12-year-old who shot two classmates in a Roswell middle school was stopped by a teacher who walked up to him and asked him to put down his shotgun.

Martinez says one student was critically injured and another is in serious condition following Tuesday morning’s shooting at Berrendo Middle School.

State police say the shooter was a seventh grader.

Martinez says the student walked into the gym where students were gathered for class and shot a boy and a girl.

She says a teacher “quickly stopped” the suspect by walking up to him and asking him to put down the firearm, which he did.

The governor says a staff member received very minor injuries but declined medical care because he wanted to stay and help.

Hospital officials say the boy who was shot is 11 and the girl is 13.

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  1. John says:

    Teachers should be armed (concealed) if they want to go through intensive firearm training. They are the first line of defense against mass-shooting and I don’t think you want to send your kids to a school where the teachers can’t even protect themselves. Oh, you don’t trust the teachers having guns? But, you trust them to teach your kids? If the teachers really want to hurt your children, they have many different ways to do that. Gun Free School Zone couldn’t even stop this kid from bringing a shotgun to school. Do you think the law would stop a teacher from bringing his/hers?

    Now, many Chinese would argue that guns have no place in our soceity. First, the people have the constitutional right to have guns. Second, you do not punish others who didn’t commit crimes. Can I ban your knives because a 64-year-old just got stabbed in Tenderloin? Knives are desinged to cut up tissues, right?

    Good guys with guns save lives everyday. 2 days ago, a homeowner in TX was able to defend his life with a firearm against an intruder. Google “HPD: Suspect shot twice by owner during home invasion” if you will.

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