Government shutdown closes national parks

It’s happened before, the shutdown of yosemite, because of federal budget battles. it was in the mid-90s.

Now if it happens again, visitors like paul longshore, who is supposed to be here threw the weekend… won’t be.

How disappointed are you?

Pretty disappointed. I’ve never come to Yosemite in October and it’s fabulous. We always come in the summer, the waterfalls aren’t as big. Crowds are a lot smaller right now, it’s just fabulous. And the weather’s been awesome.

Here’s what will happen if the shutdown comes tonight at midnight or nine our time.

Visitors who are staying in a hotel or campground will be given 48 hours to leave. So basically we’re not going to ask them to leave immediately. They’ll have two days, even if they’re expected stay was longer. Any visitors who are coming into the park will not be allowed to come into the park.

Andrea French of San Jose is just checking in to the ahwahnee hotel.. her trip could close out sooner than she booked.

Are you angry? Are you disappointed? Are you just rolling with the punches?

I’m pretty much rolling with the punches. There’s no one to really be angry at at this point, there’s no where to take it.

More than one person seems to have that attitude of what can you do…

It’s compromise and I think it’s push come to shove and we’ve been through this before and it always gets worked out. It just a big inconvenience in the meantime. But typically things will end up better on the other side of it.

A bunch of jerks running the show out there and it’s not fair.

Perhaps it’s because the (inaudible) from las vegas have the best campsite in Yosemite.. they’re not at all happy.

Not when these sites are booked five months in advance.

These don’t come easy. And we’ve been coming to this park for almost 35 years and this is not fun if we have to get booted out.

Weddings and other special events will have to be canceled too after that 48-hour window.

This couple is starting out their marriage well, though… they’re leaving tomorrow.

Not even a government shutdown can ruin their day.

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