Girl is brain dead after surgery to remove tonsils


A 13-year-old Northern California girl is brain dead after going into surgery to remove her tonsils.

KGO-TV reported Sunday that Jahi McMath’s family is demanding Oakland Children’s Hospital conduct an investigation after she went into cardiac arrest and died, before being brought back by hospital staff. Jahi is brain dead and on life support.

Doctors said the surgery would help with Jahi’s sleep apnea, but there were complications during her recovery last week. Her mother Nailah Winkfield said Jahi had “actual clots” sliding out of her mouth, which her mother was told to catch in a cup for hospital staff to measure.

A hospital spokeswoman said in a statement that any surgery is risky and that the hospital would investigate what happened. She didn’t provide details on the surgery.

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  1. Nora Hoenig says:

    A few years ago I saw this in KTSF evening news that an eighteen year old girl had been coma for eight months, the parents hired a acupuncturist to wake her up and she did wake up and left the hospital in a wheel chair, she also said thank you to the hospital staff! I hope Jahi McMath have a lot of good luck!

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