Giant rubber duck in Hong Kong deflated


The giant rubber duck that was towed into Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour in early May left hundreds of tourists disappointed on Wednesday as it floated deflated and flat.

The 16.5 metre (54 feet) high inflatable rubber duck was found lying on its side on Tuesday night, and it was completely deflated by Wednesday morning.

Some web users joked that the bird had succumbed to lung cancer caused by the city’s pollution, whilst others said it looked like scrambled eggs with tabasco sauce.

The local shopping centre, Harbour City, which organised the exhibition, said the duck was deflated for maintenance, denying speculations that it was punctured due to rain and wind.

A vessel fitted with a crane was on standby to pick up the deflated duck which will be taken away for a check-up.

Six year-old Xiao Yuxin from Shanghai said she was “unhappy” to see the airless bird.

Her father, Joy Xiao, also said he was disappointed.

He said he brought his daughter to see the duck before they return to Shanghai later in the day.

“I hope it will get inflated soon,” said Xiao.

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the bright-yellow duck from PVC in New Zealand in conjunction with a company specialising in large sails.

Hofman said it would need to be deflated if it faced high winds and waves.

The duck has been transported around the world since 2007, with the aim of spreading a message of peace and harmony.

It has previously been to Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Auckland and Amsterdam.

The big yellow duck sculpture was due to remain on display at Victoria Harbour’s Ocean Terminal until June.
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