Giant rubber duck bursts in Taiwan

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The world-famous Giant Duck on display in a northern Taiwan port exploded Tuesday, just before a large number of people to gather around it counting down the new year.

The 18-meter-tall (59 feet) yellow rubber duck that was being shown at Keelung suddenly burst at around 12:00 with unexplained reasons, only 11 days after it was displayed.

“I was disappointed, but I still came here as scheduled,” said a tourist.

“I feel sorry. I planned to bring my grandson to see it today. Pitifully it burst,” said another tourist.

Organizers said sunshine appeared on Tuesday after days of rainy weather in Keelung, which caused rising temperature and pressure inside the rubber duck and finally led to the explosion.

The designer of the Giant Duck Florentijn Hofman, after knowing the incident, said it was incredible.

Two reasons may caused the explosion, according to Hofman. One is the two-day cleaning of the duck body weakened the sewing threads, and the other is the overwork of the air blower inside the duck.

The air blower ran around the clock, causing the temperature inside the duck much higher than that of outside.

In order to comfort the duck fans, Keelung will display a Vietnamese duck from Saturday at the same place.

The Giant Duck has traveled to 13 cities in nine countries and regions since 2007.

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