Georgia woman revealed as voice of Siri

You’ve heard her voice many times.

You may have even asked her to help you find a good restaurant or directions.

I’m talking about siri, i-phone’s virtual assistant.

But who is the woman behind the famous voice?

Allow me to introduce you to her.

Hello. I am Susan Bennett. You probably know me.

I’m the voice actor who provided the voice for siri.

The first time i actually heard my voice as siri was when my friend emailed me and said, “isn’t this you?” And because i didn’t have the newest version of the i-phone, i went to the apple site, and that’s when i heard the voice and i went, oh, that is me!

Siri, would you like to be interviewed by cnn?

This is about you, isn’t it? not me.

I started my life as a machine quite young.

I was the voice of tillie the all time teller, the first ATM machine.

I’m tillie the all time teller. i work for first national bank.

The siri voices were recorded in 2005, in the month of july, four hours a day for the whole month. So when i recorded those voices, I had absolutely no idea where they would end up.

My voice can be heard on many gps systems, many telephone systems.

Siri, who is the real voice of siri?

When i first discovered that was my voice, to be honest, it was a little creepy.

I’m used to hearing my voice maybe in the airport…

Thank you for using Delta Airlines.

But. this real thing that you can interact with in your hand was a little, it took some time for me to get used to it.

She and I are friends now.

I’m leaving now Siri, have a nice day.

Thank you Susan. i hope you have a nice day as well.

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