Gang hiding drugs in cattle busted in Yunan


Police authorities in southwest China’s Yunnan Province confirmed in late April that four drug dealers purportedly hiding more than eight kilograms of drugs stuffed inside alive cattle livestock were busted in Yongde County of Lincang City in the province.

The suspects were arrested during an alleged attempt to transport 20 heads of cattle out of the province on a truck.

According to police, the drugs seized, weighing eight-plus kilograms, mostly comprised of heroin – a highly addictive substance widely considered as Class A drug. They were purchased from neighboring Myanmar in early April.

On the day of the police action, the drugs were on their way to a location in Panzhihua City in southwest China’s Sichuan Province for sale. The suspects, at present, face charges of purchasing, possessing and intent to supply Class A illegal substances.

An officer involved in the investigations said they found five of the cattle had suture in their anuses when they searched the vehicle upon a routine inspection call near a checkpoint.

“We removed the stitches and got 46 packages of suspected drug out from inside the animals’ anuses, of a total net weight of 8,130.4 grams,” said the officer, who would remain unidentified.

The investigation was launched early in April when the suspects visited Yongde County in Lincang City to purchase cattle.

Eager to buy cattle in large amounts, they were offering local residents around 400 to 500 yuan higher than the local market price as villagers refused to sell given the fact that each household owns mere single to mostly three cattle. Despite the locals’ reluctance, the gang managed to buy 20 of the large ruminant animals from various families.

The villagers reported the unusual act to the local police, arousing their suspicion. They began to follow the suspects on a day-to-day basis. The team assigned in the case found that the gang had often spent their nights in a rented cattle shed.

“They went to the county seat to buy needles and thread. And they rented a cattle shed on the side of a road and kept it brightly lit at night. Such acts aroused our suspicion even more,” said the police officer, adding that they came to the conclusion that the animals must have been used as drug mules.

The investigation on the case is still going on.

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