Funeral set for slain victims in SF homicide


(KTSF by Michelle Yue)

Louie Fung Yick Hong, a Chinese family association in San Francisco’s Chinatown, is raising funds for the five victims of the brutal multiple murder case in the city’s Ingleside neighborhood.

Two victims, Hua Shun Lei and Wan Yi Xu, were members of the association. Stephen Louie,a senior advisor for the association, says that the family has authorized the association to take care of arranging funerals for the five victims.

Louie says that the funerals will be scheduled at 1 pm on April 15 at the Evergreen Mortuary in San Francisco.  He says that the association has already set up a special fund with East West Bank to raise money to cover the funeral expenses.

Anyone interested in donating should contact Louie Fung Yick Hong at 415-609-5137 or 415-309-1617.

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