Fremont: Hundreds participate in sideshow Sunday night


Hundreds of people and vehicles participated in sideshow activity late Sunday night in Fremont, police said.

At 11:04 p.m., Fremont fire officials called police to report several hundred cars doing donuts and other sideshow activities on Lakeview Boulevard.

Officers arrived and found several cars engaging in sideshow activity, and about 200 people running away.

The vehicles scattered, but officers were able to pull a few of them over, police said. Some of the vehicles were registered in Vallejo, San Lorenzo, Oakland and Antioch.

One 1990 Lexus had false registration tabs and was towed, police said. During the enforcement, a suspect allegedly threw a large rock at a police car, resulting in damage, police said.

The rest of the group participating in the sideshow left and moved their activities to Osgood Road near Auto Mall Parkway where they continued their antics, police said.

When officers responded to that area, the group then relocated to the 900 block of Page Road and Milmont Drive.

There, a group of suspects wearing masks surrounded a police patrol car with officers inside. According to police, the masked suspects allegedly made dents in the car and broke one of the car’s mirrors.

The large group then dispersed and headed down Milmont Road toward Milpitas.

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