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Junior Editor Lauren (Lauren Miller) has been forced to look for a new apartment when she is dumped by her boyfriend. After all, this is New York and Lauren does not have a secure job and could no longer afford the place she lives in. Enters Jesse (Justin Long) who introduces her to Katie (Ari Graynor) her high school ‘frenemy’, who also needs to find a roommate to keep her Gramercy Park apartment following the death of her grandmother. It looks like a perfect solution as long as the two women look past their differences.
Lauren finds out that Katie is running a phone sex line out of her bedroom. Disgusted and judgmental at first, Lauren understands that her roommate is forced to take the bulls by its horns as she also could not find a rent-paying job. Lauren decides to help Katie with her business and both become good friends and roommates. Yet all this is threatened when Lauren’s parents visit and demand that she focus on finding a job.
Do not be frightened away by the premise of the movie. The comedy’s spotlight is on the friendship between the two girls in a tough spot, how they overcome the obstacles in their way and getting closer along the way. While some jokes are somewhat dicey, they are never distasteful.
“I wanted to celebrate this very sweet female friendship that the movie is about,” says director Jamie Travis. “and not dwell on the more lewd aspects of the film. Potentially, someone else might have objectified the girls or sexualized the girls.”
The concluding act feels a little rushed when the two patch up, but in a wave of movies focusing on women characters, this is yet another breath of fresh air in a testosterone-filled movie complex.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
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