Food sold out in east China city after typhoon


Food and bottled water are nearly sold out in supermarkets in Yuyao City, east China’s Zhejiang Province, after Typhoon Fitow caused continuous rainstorms to the northern parts of the province.

From Saturday to 10:00 Tuesday, Zhejiang saw an average precipitation of 201 mm, with that reaching 717 mm in worst-hit Yuyao City, according to the Zhejiang provincial hydrological bureau.

By 22:00 Monday, the typhoon had left six people dead and four missing, according to the Zhejiang Provincial Flood Control and Disaster Relief Headquarters.

The storm has affected seven million people in 11 cities in Zhejiang, causing direct economic damage of 12.4 billion yuan (2 billion U.S.dollars), according to the headquarters.

In the largest supermarket in Shijia Village, Yuyao City, several storage shelves were empty on Wednesday. Rice, grains and instant noodles were sold out.

According to the owner of the supermarket, many villagers flocked to the market to buy food and bottled water from Monday evening to Tuesday. All the bottled water in the village’s supermarket would be sold out by Thursday, he said.

The continuous rainstorms have brought floods to the city. Many roads and residential buildings were inundated with floodwater up to one meter deep.

Fitow made landfall in Fujian Province, just south of Zhejiang, early on Monday and brought heavy rain to east China.

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