Federal court lawauit against CA shark fin ban

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  1. kawahchan says:

    The Federal Court’s Judge ought to understand this AB376 law to enforce the California shark-fin ban, these people who want to turnover AB376, they are a VERY SMALL group of so-called “Chinatown’s Compatriots leaders” who are NOT official-elected by eligible statewide voters or official-appointed by the state government, these small group of anti-AN376 people are their own self-interest in their profitable shark-fin wholesale or retail dealer; they (the anti-AN376) DON’T speak for ALL Asian-Chinese’s democracy, politics, Chinese culture of HOW Chinese wedding dinner to “require” shark-fin dishes put on table. Outside the Chinatown, we, the majority Asian-Chinese Americans DON’T see the AB376 law to ban shark-fin could prejudice against Asian-Chinese race and Chinese culture and Chinese wedding’s custom with shark-fin ban. In fact, the Federal Court ought to respect the Animal Right in the Ocean’s sea world as equal as Human Right. According to Beijing, China, the Chinese Government will enforce to BAN all kind of the State Dinners with shark-fin dishes within coming 3 years to fulfill.

  2. Silvo says:

    I guess these anti-AN376 just want to keep their business legal.
    We all know, that the ban only isn’t enough – the shark finning must be stopped in people’s heads.
    I know breaking a tradition might offend a lot of people, but think about it, is a human tradition more worth, than these animals life? Are we allowed to exterminate a whole race for someone’s tradition? If your answer ist yes – how will your tradition go on when you’ve killed every single shark – at least for money?
    We must protect these beautiful animals from being erased of our oceans forever, I bet there is a bunch of reasons why nature created sharks….

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