FDA warns dog owners about chicken jerky products


(KTSF by Jessie Liang)

The U.S. Food and Administration (FDA) issued a warning about chicken jerky products for dogs, saying in the past 12 months, some products imported from China may be associated with 70 reports of dogs who became ill or died. The number has increased from 54 reports in 2010.

The reported cases of dogs  have been showing signs similar to Fanconi Syndrome which include decreased appetite, increased water consumption and/or urination, vomiting and even death. The FDA has not determined that chicken jerky treats are the cause for dog illness or death after testing many different products, and also have no plan to issue any recalls. The agency warns that dog owners should not use chicken jerky treats as a replacement for dog meal. It should use as a supplement and feed moderately.

PetSmart’s spokeswoman Michelle Friedman via a phone interview says that they’re monitoring the issue and would follow the FDA’s advice but no further action’s been taken to pull these products off shelves. “We have determined that these chicken jerky treats are used as a supplement with a well balanced diet. The risk of illness is minimal. Of course, the most important  thing is moderation is critical,” said Friedman.

The store has not received any recall notice from the manufactures either. Friedman advises pet parents who choose to feed their dogs chicken jerky products to watch their dogs closely. “If they are showing some symptoms like decreased appetite, decreased activity, increased water drinking, vomiting or diarrhea, then we would certainly recommend they immediately stop feeding the treats and take the pet to see a veterinarian,” said Friedman.

The FDA is continuing to test different types of treats. Anyone who wants to report a pet food illness can go to www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

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