Fatal accident kills 12-year-old Burgess Hu

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  1. Sam Lai says:

    In usa the bike human never give way to driver. human bike say they have ight. all the big ridgeor big car(vehicle) rt-right turn is not easy see it ,or hight car. in sf trash car, and cargo car rt 2 or 3 bike human die. they have the right to die. u stop do not movie let someone see u. can not hit on bike human. because HU is against traffic. and the time is morning not easy to look at the road. in usa the bike human a lot to learn. the road is tiger mouth. the car hit u accident they pay u the biker lost the leg for whole life. this is the lost leg right. I bike day to day. if cross the rd, get off the bike. in usa the most biker human do not know how to go in and out the bike, how intelligent they are. give the way the life is longer. usa need to learn it.

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