Family Bridges may close a senior daycare center


(KTSF by Sean Au)

Family Bridges has been serving the needs of East Bay residents for over forty years. Currently, it has four senior daycare services, two of which oversee the care of 420 seniors over 80 years old who are not proficient in English. Facing state budget cuts, Family Bridges has to cut this number by half and close one of its senior centers.

Family Bridges CEO Corinne Jan says those affected would have to be sent to nursing homes or be left in their own homes. Those at home risk getting hurt and being sent to hospital emergency rooms. Jan says this will cost the state even more in the long run. “If adult daycare centers did not exist, then those people would have to quit their jobs some time, or work part time. So this is not just about the patients. It is about the families. It is about jobs lost, productivity lost,” says Jan .

Family Bridges will lose half of its funding for the seniors beginning April 1. The organization has appealed to the courts on behalf of the 219 people who may lose their services, to continue receiving funding for the much needed services. If this fails, Family Bridges plans to tap into its reserves to help these seniors, which may only last for a few months.

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