Express delivery’s gear up for China Single’s Day


Express delivery companies across China are gearing up for the anticipated online shopping spree on November 11, which is unofficially regarded as Singles’ Day.

Some companies began to recruit more deliverymen as early as in October for the busy period. They offered a monthly salary of 3,000 to 8,000 yuan, but received few applications.

Most deliverymen in the country have been working seven days a week since November 5 or 6.

It is estimated that express delivery companies will move 400 million packages that day.

More than one million deliverymen working as couriers across the country are busy preparing for China’s biggest online shopping day. Express delivery companies have leased more than 100 aircraft to serve high-volume orders.

“We used to lease two aircraft cargo holds of one airline, but now we need four. We lease cargo holds wherever they are available. But the cargo holds are in short supply. All companies are fighting for them,” said Xu Meng, a worker at an express delivery company.

The Singles’ Day began to be celebrated by Chinese college students without romantic partners in the 1990s. The timing was based on the date: Nov. 11, or “11.11″ ?four singles. Unattached young people would treat each other to dinner or give gifts to woo that special someone and end their single status. Many singles also go to parties on the day in hopes of meeting eligible dates.

Now Singles’ Day has mushroomed into an annual online shopping day for millions of bargain hunters.

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