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(KTSF by Hellas Leung)

Residents in the Excelsior and Chinatown were four times more likely to be uninsured, compared to the average San Franciscan, according to the Chinese Progressive Association.

The association released a new report revealing the need for healthcare services in immigrant communities. The report shows that more than half of  the Excelsior respondents, and almost three-fourths  of Chinatown respondents depend on government or publicly – funded insurance.

Proximity to home, insurance coverage, as well as language and culture play important roles in how residents choose their particular healthcare provider.  Moreover, many residents in Excelsior and Chinatown rely on public transportation to access their healthcare provider.

The CPA  chose to survey the Excelsior because of the large population of working class families and a lack of health providers in the Southeast  section of the City.

Chinatown was surveyed because of CPA’s existing work in the neighborhood, and also the language, cultural, and generational barriers prevalent in the community.

Regarding the quality of healthcare to all San Franciscans, the association says the existing services  are insufficient.

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