Obesity: Nutrition & Health Improvement Lecture

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5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Herbst Hall
1600 Divisadero Street (between Post and Sutter St.), Herbst Hall, 2nd Floor
San Francisco


Price Free

Coming up on May 8, there will be a free seminar about Nutrition & Obesity by Luis Rodriguez, RD, who is an expert clinical dietitians at UCSF specializing in childhood obesity.

Prof. Laura Schmidt shared with the audiences in her April 16 lecture about the breakdown of factors that contribute to our longevity on average: Access to healthcare contributes 10%, genetics 20%, environmental 20%, whereas our own health behaviors 50%. In other words, what we eat and do, and how much we exercise contribute significantly to our health, much more so than what our healthcare systems can offer. We are the single most important factor responsible for our health and longevity. In this upcoming class, Mr. Rodriguez will assist us to build healthy eating habits by bringing us important nutritional information that we need to know to stay healthy and fit.

This lecture is part of the bilingual (English/Cantonese)  “X-Sugar Pandemic Alert” community lecture series. It is free and brings together faculty experts from UCSF to raise our awareness on how excess sugar consumption can compromise our health and cause many chronic health issues, with diabetes and heart disease in the lead.

RSVP: (415) 885-3678