Elderly victim to male claiming to be her grandson


South San Francisco police is warning the public of a telephone scam that an elderly woman fell victim to earlier this month.

The woman received multiple phone calls between April 14 and 17 from a male subject who claimed to be her grandson, police said.

The male told her he was arrested in Mexico and needed thousands of dollars to be released on bail, according to police.

He also swore her to secrecy in order to avoid shame from the rest of the family, police said.

Another male subject called the woman claiming he was from the U.S. Embassy and knew about her grandson’s arrest, according to police.

The male then advised her to send the bail money immediately and gave her directions to withdraw money from her bank account and send it through MoneyGram at a pharmacy store, police said.

The woman complied with the orders and completed the transactions, according to police.

She later called her real grandson at his home and learned she was victim of a scam after he told her he had never been in Mexico, police said.

Anyone who receives such a suspicious phone call is advised to call police.

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