Eight-year-old Chinese boy rescued from deep well


An eight-year-old boy was successfully rescued on Sunday by firefighters 14 hours after falling into a 27-m-deep well.

A total 18 firefighters and three rescue vehicles rushed to the site. In order to prepare the space for setting up the rescue equipment, firefighters first used excavators to dig around the well.

Rescuers also delivered food such as milk and cookies to the boy in the well. The boy’s mother talked to him in order to keep him awake.

The rescuers made a rope sling to pull up the boy, but this failed several times. The boy was barely conscious after being trapped for such a long time.

Finally, the boy caught the rope sling and was successfully pulled out of the well.

The boy was in a state of shock and only suffered some minor bruising. He was sent to hospital.

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