Ed Lee thanks Chinese voters

(KTSF by Sean Au)

Two days after the San Francisco’s municipal elections, Ed Lee is still in the lead with 60% of the voters in the mayoral race. Lee had claimed victory on Wednesday evening. Initial analysis of the poll shows that Lee carried 8 out of 11 districts in the City. The other 3 districts are won by John Avalos.

A day after claiming victory, Ed Lee first went to Chinatown and the Sunset District to thank voters. Lee said that he’s appreciative of many voters who registered to vote and actually voted for the first time when they learned that there is a strong chance of electing the City first Chinese American mayor. Lee was accompanied by his wife Anita.

Some voters are moved that the City finally has a Chinese American leader but they also hold high hopes for Lee to improve the City’s economy.

Ed Lee said that he picked the 4 busy commercial corridors to visit, shows his commitment to get back to work to focus on the economy. Within the next few weeks, Lee will also announce details about his $5 million plan to help small businesses.

Sunset District Supervisor Carmen Chu, who also chairs the Board of Supervisors budget committee, said she’s going to work with the mayor to find this fund. “We are going to have to look very closely to it. We are at a time when we still anticipate we will have a budget deficit, so it’s going to be where we will re-prioritize,” said Chu.

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