Ed Lee camp faces unlawful donation allegations

(KTSF by Sean Au)
One week before election day, another allegation of unlawful donations has been reported about Mayor Ed Lee’s campaign.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the managing director of Archway Property Services, Andrew Hawkins, has allegedly sent emails asking sixteen employees to attend Lee’s fundraiser on October 18 and to donate $500 to Lee’s campaign. According to the Chronicle the employees would then be reimbursed. Nine employees reportedly have each made a $500 contribution and one of them produced a copy of the reimbursement check to the Chronicle.

The Lee campaign reports that it has since returned $4,500 of contribution and has also joined the call by a few other mayoral candidates to request the District Attorney’s office to investigate. City Attorney Dennis Herrera went further by asking the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission to join in the investigation.

Supporters of Lee are already at the center of two similar investigations.

Another candidate Phil Ting has returned two checks which had questionable origins to the respective donors.

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