Groundbreaking for restoration of E. Bay shoreline area

(Excerpt from the part of Press Release)

Richmond, CA – The East Bay Regional Park District and officials from federal, state and local government will celebrate the upcoming restoration of Breuner Marsh, part of the Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, with a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, April 22 at the northernmost end of Goodrick Avenue in Richmond, California.

Breuner Marsh Restoration Groundbreaking in Richmond, CA (KTSF)

“The restoration of Breuner Marsh is the culmination of a long-time community effort to protect the marsh from development, including an airport, three housing projects and a business park,” said Park District Board Member Whitney Dotson. “It’s one of the largest Park District restoration projects with diverse funding.”

The Breuner Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project will restore wetlands and coastline prairie, protect the endangered California clapper rail (which has recently been seen nesting) and saltmarsh harvest mouse, as well as provide public access to the San Francisco Bay shoreline. The project will restore approximately 60 acres of wetlands in the 150-acre area, creating a self-sustaining wetland complex that will filter polluted run-off, support native plant and animal species, and is one of the Park District’s first opportunities to construct a project to withstand the effects of rising sea levels through the end of the century.

The public will finally have access to this beautiful shoreline, and the nearby communities will gain the most benefit, with new recreational opportunities such as walking, picnicking, and bike riding. An additional benefit is the protection of the scenic open space, with magnificent views of the San Francisco Bay and headlands.

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