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Drama – The Advisors Alliance 2

The Advisors Alliance 2

Genres: Historical, Political

No. of episodes: 44 x 60’

Language: Mandarin with Chinese subtitles

Begins: 8/3/18, Monday through Friday

Air Time: 9-10pm

The story continues to follow Si Ma Yi as he goes from a court official whose duty is to serve to a position of great power.
A strategic war starts brewing as Si Ma Yi encounters his greatest enemy in Zhu Ge Liang and the two men who are the greatest minds of their time pit their wits and will against each other in the increasingly turbulent landscape during the Three Kingdoms Er. Si Ma Yi holds his sword and Zhu Ge Liang takes out his feather fan and they meet several times in battle, each representing their respective country. When it comes to internal politics, Si Ma Yi also has to maneuver his precarious position in court due to his relationship with Cao Rui who is the second King of Wei.

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