Dog bringing home human leg leads to dismembered body

Authorities in Washington state are searching for more remains after a dog came home with a human leg.

The gruesome discovery was made last week and on sunday investigators found more body parts.

I didn’t know what to think to be honest with you I was scared.

At 93 years old, Bill Flowers has seen a lot but nothing quite prepared him for what he found in his own front yard.

I got up one morning about 8:30. I was going to feed my dogs and this dog here was standing over that leg.

His dog, liberty, dragged home a human leg and was standing over it.

I examined it. I picked it up and looked at the toes and nothing. none of the leg or foot was damaged – from the knee down it wasn’t damaged at all.

Flowers says the leg was gray in color and appeared it was dismembered about 4 inches from the buttocks.

I had a funny feeling. I thought should I call the police. I says no I’ll just take it and bury it. You were gonna bury it? Yep, I buried it in a plastic bag. I put it in a good plastic bag and buried it.

That was on tuesday – flowers didn’t call law enforcement until 4 days later — on Saturday afternoon.

I was I was afraid to call. I’m 93 years old I didn’t want to have to go to the pen for something I didn’t do.

When I got home he told me and I said dad we have to call the police.

Detectives put a g-p-s collar on the dog hoping she would lead them to the rest of the body, but it was search and rescue dogs who found more remains a pelvis and rib cage in these woods at the old fish hatchery?

Liberty has brought home shoes and other animals but her owners say nothing as startling as human remains.

I never expected this though. It’s really got me in a spiral.

A pathologist will look at the body parts to figure out if it’s a man or woman.

They’ll also look at the bones to see what kind of instrument might have been used to dismember the body.

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