Dog abandoned on street caught on camera

A Las Vegas area family found a puppy on their doorstep.

Someone dropped the animal in the neighborhood – then took off.

It was captured on surveillance video.

Now, the dog’s temporary caretakers don’t know where to turn for help – or justice.

Reporters Standup: The family who found this dog loves it. But the question they have is who would abandon this dog on a street and drive away.

Graci the puppy already seems like a member of the Luisi family.

She’s only been here for two weeks and the dog is well behaved and friendly.

“We made sure she got a rabies shot and we checked her to see if she was chipped to bring her back to the owner.”

You see Toni Luisi found this dog outside of her Henderson home.

How it got there… shocked her.

You can see clearly in the home surveillance video… an SUV driving slowly into their cul-de-sac.

Someone inside the vehicle drops the dog out on the street… and then peels off… leaving the abandoned pup confused.

“She’s…and I just feel really bad that someone could actually just open the car door and just dump this beautiful animal.”

Immediately Toni changed her mind of returning graci to her original owners…

And would rather make them pay retribution.

“I mean, how do they treat their children if this is how they treat their dog?”

Animal abuse is clark county is a misdemeanor that carries a thousand-dollar fine.

“The only thing we couldn’t get is the license plate,”

In the meantime, Toni has her hands full with her two dogs…

“If I didn’t have two small babies you would live right here…”

And wants to find someone who could love his dog as much as she has these past few days.

“We’re gonna keep her as long as we can. I mean, it would be better – because she’s so young – to get into a stable environment now so that people can get used to her, train her the way they would like her to be trained. But I’ll keep her until I have to – until we find a good home.”

A good home where this won’t happen again.

Reporter Standup: Graci is a 38 pound lab mix. A vet told the current caretakers she is about six months old.

If you are dog lover and can give Graci a good home send an email to

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