Detroit police sergeants may face robbery charges

In Michigan, two veteran police sergeants are expected to face robbery charges.

Investigators say the duo, dressed in plain clothes, approached two men at a gas station, flashed their department issued badges and walked away with cash and a cell phone they took from the victims.

Detroit’s police chief says the allegations appear to be an isolated event.

At this time there’s no evidence to support both sergeants were involved in any other police impersonation cases that have been reported in recent weeks. The investigation into this matter is continuing. A warrant request was submitted to the Wayne County prosecutor’s office for review.

The actions of the department in this matter directly reflect our commitment to addressing misconduct at every level. The actions of a few should not detract from the thousands of diligent, hard-working, men and women who wear this uniform and serve the city of Detroit.

The sergeants’ identities have not been released because they haven’t been officially charged yet.

We do know that one is a 20-year veteran of the detroit police department…

The other is a 17-year veteran of the st. clair shores police department.

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