Daycare workers fired for Instagram pictures

When you drop your children off at daycare you expect the people caring for them to be professional and kind.

A mother in Virginia realized that’s not what happened at her son’s daycare after seeing his picture on Instagram.

Ethan Jordan is a happy, energetic two year old, but here he is sitting in a highchair which he no longer uses.

His usual smile replaced with a frown and his mother is heartbroken about it.

That’s because workers at ” heavenly haven learning center 2″ placed him in the chair and posted this picture to Instagram-purely to make fun of him.

The daycare center’s manager of joined in – poking fun at Ethan’s delayed speech development… writing in part…

“…thinking cuz sure can’t talk.”

In another incident…the employee also mocked another child for his teeth when ethan’s mother Melissa saw the photo on Instagram, she was furious. she alerted the daycare center and the media.

Both the employee and the manager have since been fired for violating the daycares privacy policy.

In a statement the daycare says:

“A Heavenly Haven’s position on the actions of the employees involved zero tolerance, and the employees have been terminated.”

Virginia’s department of social services is now investigating.

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