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(KTSF by Sean Au)

Having lost the mayoral election, Board of Supervisors President, David Chiu faces re-election next year. Though he has not formally announced plans to run again for District 3 Supervisor, he has indicated he would welcome challenges.

David Chiu ranked fourth overall in the number of votes he has received, and coming in second among the Chinese candidates, after Ed Lee.

“It could have been better, could have been worse, but I’m honored to continue to have a position to serve the City and the people of San Francisco, and look forward to continue to do that.” Says Chiu.

Chiu adds that it is historic and wonderful that the City has elected its first Chinese American Mayor as he looks forward to working with Ed Lee to solve the challenges facing the City.

Chiu’s first four-year term ends December 2012. He has not announced if he intends to run for a second term. As for Chinese Chamber of Commerce Consultant Rose Pak indicating her interest to run for District 3 Supervisor next year, Chiu says if Pak would like to run, she could move into the district and do just that.

As for criticisms from some within the Chinese community, Chiu says that people can have different opinions but emphasizes in his work and support in the Central Subway, Chinatown campus of City College, as well as the rebuilding of the Chinese Hospital, he has worked with  youth, seniors and renters on these issues and that his constituents are aware of his work and results.

“I think if someone wants to run because I do not always do everything that person wants me to. I think my constituents appreciate that independent leadership and the fact that I am my own man.” Adds Chiu.

For the next year, Chiu will place priority on job creation. “We have a business tax that is the only tax of its kind in California. It is penalizing job creation and job growth. I am working right now with city government and starting to work with business stakeholders to propose for replacement for that business payroll tax.” Said Chiu.

Other items on his agenda includes providing affordable housing, Muni improvements and increasing the quality of living for San Franciscans.

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