CSU votes for 9% fee hike

(KTSF by Sean Au)

The CSU Board of Trustees Finance Committee met in Long Beach today and has voted to increase tuition fees by 9%.  Outside the building where the meeting was held, protesters clashed with the police and smashed a glass door. An officer was hurt and 4 protesters have been arrested.

This is the 3rd time within a year that CSU has increased tuition fees. This latest 9% hike brings fees to close to $6,000. Campus-specific fees would add another $1,000 to what a student will have to pay. Just a decade ago, an undergraduate paid only $1,600 a year.

CSU Vice Chancellor Benjamin Quillian says one-third of the fee increases will be set aside for student financial aid. Trustees who support the fee hike say parents will have enough time to plan for the next school year. Those opposed to the fee hike say it should be rejected to pressure the state government to increase funding.

Lieutenant-Governor Gavin Newsom, who serves as a member of the Board of Trustees, called the fee hike a tax on the middle class.  Some CSU officials say the fee hike may be averted if CSU receives an additional $138 million in state funding. But considering that the state has already cut $650 million in funding for CSU and UC systems, and another $100 million trigger cut is possible next month, receiving increased funding is a highly unlikely scenario.

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