CSU students, teachers protest cuts

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  1. kawahchan says:

    (R) 2012 RICK PERRY Presidential Potential: We wish California Republican Party will introduce a bill soon to limit the California State Universities system to fulfill a GREEDY union-Faculty. The California state government should allow to sign a “ONE- YEAR” RENEWABLE teaching contract with the State University’s Faculty, if satisfied teaching performance, then renew another one year to teach on campus. These union-Faculty, the Professors do not distribute their annual (research) Thesis, they just teach classes and get paid from California state; a Republican anti-union Faculty on public universities’ campuses bill to offer a renewable “One-Year” Faculty contract to maintain the student tuition hike control could reduce the number of 4-year undergraduate dropouts. The California State Universities’ union-Faculty are TOO GREEDY, but they are NOT that worthy to California’s higher academic quality at all.

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