Cruise ship reports dozens on board are ill



Officials say the number of passengers believed to be sick with the highly contagious norovirus has nearly doubled aboard a cruise ship sailing to ports in California.

Princess Cruises spokeswoman Karen Candy said on Wednesday that 66 passengers and 17 crew members were sick and had to be isolated to their cabins aboard the Crown Princess. That’s up from about 37 passengers who reported being sick while the ship was in San Francisco on Monday.


Dozens of passengers on a cruise ship sailing roundtrip between Los Angeles and San Francisco have come down with a stomach virus, officials with the cruise line said Tuesday.

A total of 37 passengers on the Crown Princess reported being ill with a “mild gastrointestinal illness” thought to be caused by a norovirus, according to a statement from Karen Candy, a spokesperson for Princess Cruises.

The ship, which carries 3,161 passengers and 1,176 crewmembers, departed Los Angeles on Saturday for a roundtrip cruise to San Francisco, Candy said.

When the first cases of illness were reported, ship officials began disinfecting surfaces like railings, door handles and elevator buttons and encouraging hand washing and hand sanitizing among passengers.

They also isolated ill passengers in cabins, encouraged passengers to use their own cabin restrooms and provided information to passengers about how to stay well while onboard, Candy said.

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