Coyotes spotted in San Francisco neighborhoods

(KTSF by Angelina Wong)

The City Animal  Care & Control Department along with Park and Recreation Department put out signs warning off coyote sightings in areas including  Pine Lake Park in the Sunset district, Golden Gate Park, Glen Canyon Park and the Lake Merced area.

Deb Campbell from Animal Care & Control  says coyotes are fearful of human beings and rarely attack people.  However, coyotes prey on animals that are smaller than themselves, such as small dogs.  This is breeding season and coyotes are very protective of their dens.

Coyotes are shy animals and not known to be aggressive, but they will exhibit assertive behavior when threatened or protecting pups. Animal Care & Control advises that people in the areas of coyote sightings take common sense precautions to protect themselves and their pets.

Here are some tips provided by Animal Care & Control:

1.  Never feed a coyote. Feeding a coyote can put your family and your pets at risk as the animal learns to expect food and loses their natural fear of humans.

2.  If you encounter a coyote, ‘vex’ them. Make loud noises, throw something (not to hit, but to frighten), wave your arms – it’s important that coytotes stay wary of humans.

3.  Keep dogs on leash – and avoid active coyote areas when walking them.

4.  Never leave small children unattended – and avoid taking children to active coyote areas.

To report coyotes sightings, email information to

Animal Care & Control reminds the community that it is unlawful to feed coyotes, or  harass or injure them. Never allow your dog to interact with a coyote. For Animal Emergencies, call Animal Care & Control at (415) 554-9400.

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    I saw a coyote the other day in daly city. I thought it was a dog.. The legs were very skinny and it scared me a bit .

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