Couple survives lightning strike

Lightning strikes a moving truck, a young bear learns… what goes up, must come down… and an unusual pup is set to make its debut!

All the video you’ll be talking about in today’s Take a Look at This!

A Canadian couple is lucky to be alive after the pick up truck they were traveling in was struck by lightning.

It’s an awful feeling to have. I saw our lives pass in front of my eyes.

The bolt of lightning was so intense, all six airbags inside deployed before smoke filled the singed truck.

Two crater holes now mark the spot of this frightening event.

A young bear tumbled from a tree after making its way into a paramus (purr -amos), new jersey neighborhood, Thursday.

Crews worked for hours trying to lure the one-year-old bear from the tree before eventually tranquilizing it .

Animal control says the 100-pound animal will be ok and will be relocated to a safer location.

He had a tag put on his ear to identify him, in case he gets himself in trouble again.

An adorable wolf pup is set to make its debut at a wolf conservation center.

The seven-week-old wolf was born out west… but is now joining his three-year-old siblings in south salem, New York.

He’s expected to make his official appearance Saturday.


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