Couple in their 90s get married at doughnut shop

They say love is blind, but according to a pair of elderly newlyweds in Washington state, love also doesn’t keep time.

Amid old-fashioned doughnuts pops an old-fashioned love story.

A nervous Gladys Salley never thought she’d marry again, not in a Port Angeles, WA doughnut shot and not at age 90.

In fact, Salley had been a widow for 17 years until she met Andy Nilles. The pair was introduced by mutual friend Betty Handly.

“I actually introduced Gladys and Andy because she didn’t have a ride somewhere, and I said  bet Andy will do it,’” said Handly.

Nilles is 93 years old and considered quite the catch at their apartment complex for seniors in Sequim, WA.

“There was a lot of them after me, I’ll have to admit that,” said Nilles.

After morning walks to McDonalds and trips to the doughnut shot, he knew his southern sweetie was the one.

“My phone takes the same charger as hers does and hers is from clear back in Louisiana and mine is from out here so we figured if the phones got together, we will just get together,” said Nilles.

A rancher and a Harley rider in his youth, Nilles’ proposal crushed a few hearts.

“He said I can’t kneel, I can’t get back up,” recalled Salley.

“I might make it down but never get back up without help,” said Nilles.

The early-bird wedding took place at the Cock-a-doodle Doughnut Shop, and it surprised friends who watched the courtship.

“Well we didn’t see the wedding coming, but we certainly saw the courtship developing – all of a sudden they were holding hands. She had her walker, he had his cane, and, pretty soon, they didn’t have either one, they just had each other,” said Handly.

il death do us part ?Nilles figure that’s at least another six years.

“It’ll mean when you wake up at night and feeling kind of sad or alone you can reach over and hold their hand,” said Salley.

Nilles didn’t waste a minute to kiss his new wife once the vows were done. He shared an apple fritter with the apple of his eye before heading out for their honeymoon.

After the honeymoon, Nilles is moving up two floors into Gladys’ place. He said after all, the third floor is closer to heaven.

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