Could ISIS terror group target US?

There’s growing concern that Americans may be joining militant groups fighting in Iraq and Syria. U.S. officials say jihadists with American passports could make it easier for terrorists to attack the US.

The video looks like a movie trailer- It says ‘coming soon’ – shows an American flag burning, and a passport burning. One billboard reads: ‘the story of an American Muhajir in sham’- which is ‘Syria’. The militant’s blurred image appears- then you hear him talking about ‘haq’- which means ‘divine obligation’:

“It is ‘haq’ on you to protect your brothers and oppress. It is ‘haq’ on you to fight.”

A US intelligence official tells CNN: the man with the blurred face is Moner Mohammad Abusalha– a 22-year-old jihadist from Vero Beach, Florida who blew himself up in a truck-bomb attack in Syria last month. Three-dozen were killed.

“The point the group is trying to make is that, despite that the United States is leading the war on terror, ‘We welcome Americans. We have Americans. We actually would rather Americans, because they are the best poster-boys for propaganda.”

According to our source in US intelligence: it stands to reason that some Americans who’ve joined the broader fight in Syria- have linkedup with ‘ISIS’– the brutal terrorist group now targeting Baghdad.

The official could not say whether those fighters are in Iraq right now, or in Syria. US lawmakers and analysts warn, the next 911 style attacks could come from Iraq or Syria… militants with American passports could have an easier path to attacking America’s homeland, and ‘ISIS’ might soon have the motivation to do that.

“Direct US engagement against ISIS does raise this question about whether they will turn to the US and attempt to attack the homeland — certainly more than they have today.”

And the shadowy, vicious leader of ‘ISIS’ may have already warned about that.

Colonel Ken King was the US Commander at Camp Bucca in Iraq when US forces released Abubakr al-Baghdadi in 2009.

“He looked over to us and, as he left, he said, ‘See you guys in New York.’

“Today I believe there is some merit in his words, in the fact that he has a significant force, he has a significant amount of money, after going through Mosul and Tikrit, and he has gained some momentum in his movement south.”

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