Dramatic rescue of construction worker in China


A construction worker was saved by rescuers on Wednesday morning, after he was left hanging outside an eighth floor window when a window frame came loose at a construction site in northwest China’s Qinghai Province.

The worker was able to prevent himself from plummeting to the ground by clinging onto the window frame, which fortunately had a safety rope tied to it.

After arriving at the site, the local fire authorities inflated an air-cushion on the ground beneath the worker and then tied additional ropes to the dangling window frame.

In the meantime, two rescuers were lifted up to the worker on an aerial ladder platform.

The rescuers tried to tie a safety belt to the worker but were unable to as the man, who had now been trapped for 35 minutes, was clasping the window frame too tightly.

With no other option left, the rescuers decided to directly lift the worker onto the ladder platform.

The worker was then safely brought to the ground, where a medical check-up showed he was unscathed by the accident.
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