Conservation group offers ‘love calls of the wild’ cell phone ringtones

(Bay City News)

A Valentine memento of “Love Calls of the Wild” cellphone ringtones is being offered by a conservation group dedicated to protecting endangered species.

The 25 choices of mating and social calls by endangered and rare species can be downloaded for free from the Center for Biological Diversity’s website at

The calls include sounds from orcas, polar bears, pikas, spotted owls, whooping cranes, penguins, toads and prairie dogs.

The love calls selection is part of the center’s endangered species ringtones program, which offers sound clips from more than 100 species. The ringtones have been downloaded about 620,000 times by people in nearly 180 countries since 2006, according to the center.

“These ringtones are a great way to show your love for the wild on Valentine’s Day,” said center programs director Pete Galvin.

Galvin said the ringtones can act as conversation starters about endangered species.

“Someone overhears one of the sounds and finds they’re suddenly talking with someone else about the plight of an endangered species.

“It’s a powerful tool that we hope sparks an interest in saving imperiled animals around the globe,” Galvin said.

The center is based in Tucson, Ariz., and has offices in California, eight other states and Washington, D.C.

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