Cojoined twin boys separated in China


Doctors in a hospital of Luzhou City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, successfully separated three-month-old twin brothers joined at abdomen after about four hours of surgery on Tuesday, and both boys are in stable condition.




The twin boys, named “Chen Ziling” and “Chen Zixuan,” were born on Dec. 25, 2013, with their abdomen and left part of the liver connected, but each of them still has independent gallbladder and kidney, according to Liu Ming, head of children’s surgical department of the Affiliated Hospital of Luzhou Medical College.

The operation started at 07:50, and the first twin boy was separated at 12:00, with another one being separated 15 minutes later. Both of the twin boys are receiving intensive care at the ICU unit.

“The separation surgery and surgical anesthesia went smoothly, which we can describe as a very successful surgery. The two boys’ heart rates, breathing and urine volume have been normal after surgery,” said Liu Ming.

Liu said the two boys have not got through the dangerous period as the surgery brought too much trauma to them.

“The twin boys can return to normal if no obvious complications appear on them and their wounds can heal within a week,” said Liu.

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