Community Leaders Call for Immigrant Teacher to Stay


(KTSF by Lynne Ku)

Yuen-Ming Sin, a bilingual speech and language pathologist with the San Francisco Unified School District, must leave the country with her family after her recent application to become a permanent resident was denied by immigration (USCIS.) Sin is an immigrant from Canada of Chinese descent and came to the Bay Area in 2003 with an H1B visa sponsored by the school district.

Chinese for Affirmative Action(CAA) held a press conference today and urged the school district to take action such as an appeal for Sin’s case in order to not lose a needed bilingual counselor. According to CAA, Sin has worked hard for eight and a half years to help nearly a thousand San Francisco students with language special needs thrive in school. Sin who can speak Cantonese told KTSF that as an immigrant, she is willing to stay and continue to help more Chinese American students in need.

SFUSD school board members Norman Yee and Hydra Mendoza also showed up in the press conference to support Sin. Both of them appreciated Sin’s contribution to school district and have submitted a directive to the human resource department to give her one year of absence so she can keep her seniority. But the school district doesn’t promise to appeal Sin’s case because there is no written policy in the school district about applying for a green card for employees.


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  1. kawahchan says:

    She may be qualified to use a H1-B visa to get employment from the States; as I have seen other Green Card applicants who are a non-Sciences & Technology candidate such as holding a B.A. degree or M.A. degree graduated from other foreign college/university; most of these kinds of candidates, they’re smart enough to stay on Graduate School to work on (at least) a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), or a Ph.d. title to promote their own Candidate’s qualification before they apply a Green Card, the Permanent Residency visa. Sometime, the evaluation is depend on who is the one in White House administration, like Republican President Richard M. Nixon’s policy, President Ronald Reagan’s policy, or and the present acting Texas Governor, the 2012 Presidential Hopeful RICK PERRY’s governorship, these Republican influence who interested in Bilingual Education as a special skill for teaching career. That really depends ….

  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    I support Yuen-Ming Sin, in her fight to get reinstated and hold the school district accountable in their original agreements with her.

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